Use InPlace CMS to maintain a bundle of HTML pages in an uniform appearance. Adopt the light and agile approach to document a product or to create a mini-site. Target users are the developers of open source projects.

InPlace CMS is a Python wrapper for XSLT. For details, read the texts “Usage” and “Writing templates”.




Classic CMS workflow
Classic CMS workflow
  InPlace CMS workflow
InPlace CMS workflow

Use case 1. Proofreading.

1.a. Why the classic CMS fails.

You want to proofread the documentation. Which files will you give to a proofreader?

The both alternatives are bad.

1.b. Why InPlace rocks.

You use InPlace CMS and asked a proofreader to correct your HTML files. In a pair of hours, you get the files back. What's next? Nothing. Just review the changes and commit the files to a version control system.

Use case 2. Packaging.

2.a. Why the classic CMS fails.

Someone creates a binary package for your project. The build process enters the directory doc and fails because the command footpl isn't found. The packager installs foo-script, but finds that his version is too new. Frustrated, he just deletes your program and switches to another task.

2.b. Why InPlace rocks.

The documentation is already in the HTML form, no need for the generation step, no errors occur.